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Talking Back

On Sunday, Feb. 16th the Wisconsin State Journal featured a misleading op-ed from Matt Bowman regarding Ald. Lisa Subeck’s proposed “buffer zone” ordinance on its front page. Madison NOW has supported the ordinance from the beginning and we are not persuaded by the faulty logic of Matt Bowman or the Alliance Defending Freedom. We encourage everyone who supports the buffer zone ordinance to talk back. You can submit letters to the editor of the Wisconsin State Journal here. You should also share any letters that you write to the Wisconsin… Read more Talking Back

Continuing the Discussion: Day 4

Today we’re reading a piece from RH Reality Check that expands on everything we’ve read so far about abortion as black genocide. The Road to Roe: Paved with Bodies of Women of Color and the Legal Activism of African Americans highlights the major role that African American activists played in securing abortion rights in the United States – a role that is erased by the assertion that African American women who have abortions have fallen prey to a genocidal conspiracy. Cynthia R. Greenlee writes: As a historian, I amplify these… Read more Continuing the Discussion: Day 4

Continuing the Discussion: Day 3

Today we look to Colorlines for more background on the “abortion as genocide” tactic that was most recently employed by anti-choicers in our own state capitol. Colorlines is a daily news site with a focus on race, featuring “a multiracial team of writers who cover stories from the perspective of community, rather than through the lens of power brokers.” They have a lot of great write-ups about this issue, largely because the assertion that abortion is black genocide has been in circulation for years now. I’ll list just a few… Read more Continuing the Discussion: Day 3

Continuing the Discussion: Day 2

As promised, we’re continuing the discussion sparked by the appearance of a Black Genocide display in the Wisconsin State Capitol by sharing more information and perspectives on an issue that is too complex and immense to be summed up by a display by anti-choice extremists, or by the sign which we posted in response to the original display. Today we’re reading two articles from SisterSong’s Summer 2011 publication of Collective Voices. SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective was formed in 1997. The collective seeks to “amplify and strengthen the… Read more Continuing the Discussion: Day 2

WI NOW Stands With Alicia Beltran

Alicia Beltran, 28, of Jackson, WI was taken into custody this summer after refusing to start an anti-addiction drug for an addiction she was no longer struggling with. Her real crime? Being pregnant. A Wisconsin law passed in 1998 allows child-welfare authorities to detain pregnant women who are abusing alcohol and drugs and refuse to accept treatment. It was under this law that Alicia Beltran was removed from her home on July 18th and taken to a holding cell. She spent the next several months in a treatment center far… Read more WI NOW Stands With Alicia Beltran

WI NOW Statement Regarding Proposed Wisconsin “Choose Life” License Plates

On Tuesday, September 24, 2013, the Wisconsin Assembly’s Committee on Transportation will hold a public hearing where it will be discussing 2013 Assembly Bill 206, which seeks to allow the sale of special “Choose Life” license plates in Wisconsin. Similar license plates are already being sold in 29 states across the country. Two prominent anti-choice organizations and their legislative lackeys hope to make Wisconsin the 30th. What you should know If passed, Assembly Bill 206 will allow Wisconsin residents to purchase special license plates bearing the slogan “Choose Life.” In… Read more WI NOW Statement Regarding Proposed Wisconsin “Choose Life” License Plates