Madison NOW

Madison.Now Madison NOW is currently the largest and most active NOW chapter in the state of Wisconsin. Madison NOW members have received national recognition for their actions and projects, which include:

  • Launching an educational video series to keep Wisconsin citizens informed about how our state legislature works. Future videos topics will include explanations of specific pieces of legislation.
  • Co-organizing a flash mob to protest the war on women’s rights and autonomy in Wisconsin. The flash mob took plate in the capitol rotunda and had over fifty participants.
  • Celebrating Love Your Body Day by bringing a body-positive message to University of Wisconsin-Madison students.

Current Officers:

  • Lindsay Lemmer, President
  • Jess Jones, Vice President
  • Mindy Wara Maciolek, Secretary
  • Mara Jarvis, Social Media Specialist

Madison NOW is also proudly selling t-shirts with original designs exclusive to this chapter. You can usually pick one up wherever they table.




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